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The quote you get on carpet cleaning is truly only as good as the company performing the job for you. White Cleaning Services has, for decades been the type of carpet cleaner Covington residents and businesses can depend on. We are glad to handle carpet cleaning on any type of carpet, plus we do expert work in upholstery and tile and grout cleaning as well. Our aim is to show you that our technique, know-how, and our professional equipment are well worth the price of any carpet cleaning job. We utilize a steam cleaning extractor that is industrial strength and mounts on the back of our truck. The steamy water and cleaning solution, help you to not only get cleaner and brighter carpets, but get rid of deep dirt and bacteria. Cleaner AND safter for you and your guests!
Carpet Cleaning for Homes and  Upholstery  Handled  Too!
If you own a home, you are used to vacuuming your carpet and removing spot stains as they occur, but no matter how much and how well you do these things, deep-down dirt cannot be pulled out until you get a professional carpet extraction done. We are ready to be the one you call for that! Services we can handle for you include any carpet cleaning, but also upholstery or tile and grout cleaning for your home. We are often called on to bundle these home services to help restore the presentation effect of your home in one trip! We'll show you definitively through our work and our communication, that we are the carpet cleaners Covington h omeowners should trust. Call upon White Cleaning Services today! 206-915-4409
Businesses Get Their Offices and Spaces Cleaner Than Ever, with NO HASSLE
We love to mention that our professional grade equipment and our experience in doing quality work is what sets us up PERFECTLY to work with your business. We regularly handle heavy traffic areas and small or large business spaces and at rates that make our service an excellent value. White Cleaning Services process also handles carpet spot removal and odor removal in one fell swoop. If you have any lounge or waiting area furniture and are looking for upholstery cleaning, you won't need to call for a separate company. Get a clear and complete quote on the carpet cleaning service Covington businesses will have been going with for decades. We'll take you a long way toward giving your clients and employees a cleaner and more well-maintained office space---clean carpeting is SO VERY IMPORTANT

Call or fill out our email contact form today. Get affordability and quality on your next carpet cleaning (or other serivces) for your home or your business. We can't wait to hear from you---Call Today!  206-915-4409
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