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Statement of Faith by Glenn White
I was not raised in the Christian faith and lived most of my life just as I wanted. I accepted Jesus as Savior and Truth when I was 48 years old. But my journey of faith actually began nine years before that in Narcotics Anonymous. It was there that I went when I became tired of being sick and tired. Today, I believe in the triune God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – as the creator of all things and purposes. I believe in God’s grace through his Son, in his unconditional acceptance of those who come to believe in the birth, death, and resurrection, and in the forgiveness that covers all transgressions. 

I believe that God is Spirit and chose to become a man, and in so doing, he knows the struggles, temptations, joys, and sorrows his creation experiences in a personal and intimate way. I believe that man’s perception of God is limited by his humanity and that there is a God above the God that we perceive in our limitations. God’s love and acceptance must shine out from us to reach others, wherever they are. We are His agents, and they should see Jesus in us. We cannot contain God in a building or a book because he chose to live in us. I believe that God created every person as a unique individual, that our experiences are unique and that each of us has a divine purpose for our life that he will reveal to us as we submit our lives to him and follow his direction. I believe that each experience and circumstance can be used to understand God and his will for our lives, that we are to give thanks in all things but not for all things, and that he develops our character throughout our lives.

I believe that there is a time and a purpose for everything that comes to our lives. I am confident that my life has been changed and that my personal experience is constantly called upon by God to touch the lives of others to let them know that they are not alone, that suffering can be shared, and that they are loved and accepted unconditionally. My own life is a testament to the love and forgiveness of the Father. We do not all encounter God in the same way, but he is always the same God, never changing, always faithful.
Glenn White of White Cleaning Services

Glenn White (Owner)

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